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I Really Like this Sweater

Yes, indeed.  This is a really nice sweater.  I could look at it all day!

Kid Knocked Out by Boobs

I get pretty excited when I see boobs like this too, so I really can’t blame the kid.

How to Properly Fold a Shirt

I never new that I could be so interested in folding shirts until I saw this video.  This is definately the shirt folding technique I prefer.  With instructional videos like this, I could study shirt folding all day.

Goddess Bunny in LA

Speechless upon watching it again. You gotta make it to the end of the video. The Goddess Bunny trumps all.

Indian Butter Trick

The other day, I stumbled across an old Indian Butter Trick I had put together years ago and reminisced about how much this amused me when I first saw it.  The trick works like this:  Start with a Land O Lakes butter package.  (You can see that I did this one back in 1999).  With […]