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Insane Motorcycle Ride Through Moscow

This is insane!  A motorcycle rider in Moscow shows the fast way through traffic on a Yamaha R1.  He weaves in and out of cars and even does wheelies in the face of oncoming traffic.  Hang on, it’s a crazy ride.

Dog Attacks Police Car

This dog hates cops as much as I do.  And he’s a mean motherfucker.  Watch this video to see a bulldog tear a bumper off a car!  Seriously.

Bus Fight. Motherfucker Wins.

This is why I don’t ride buses. Check out the old guys shirt when he stands up. And listen to the woman in the background… first she provokes the young guy to start the fight, then she tells him to press charges after he loses.  Classic.

Kid Knocked Out by Boobs

I get pretty excited when I see boobs like this too, so I really can’t blame the kid.