Indian Butter Trick

The other day, I stumbled across an old Indian Butter Trick I had put together years ago and reminisced about how much this amused me when I first saw it.  The trick works like this: 

  1. Start with a Land O Lakes butter package.  (You can see that I did this one back in 1999). 
  2. With an Xacto knife cut out the sides and bottom of the butter package the Indian lady is holding.
  3. Then fold the other side of the package so that when you lift up the butter package flap you see her knees on the other side.

Indian Butter Trick

The result is that when you lift the cover of the butter package, it looks like you’re sneaking a peek at her boobies—nipples and all.

Indian Butter Trick

Once you know of this trick and look closely at the knees, you know this had to be intentionally created by the artist.  Did he work for Mad Magazine most days and this was just a side project?  Perhaps we’ll never know.

4 Responses to “Indian Butter Trick”

  1. I saw a “60 minutes” type interview years ago with the daughter of the founder. Apparently, according to her, “father had a bawdy sense of humor…” Without a knife the face of the box can be folded, like a vertical “MAD” magazine back inner cover to reveal the same upper torso view. He designed the artwork, I ask you “Why else would this maiden have such rosy kneecaps?”

  2. I thing her knees used to be larger.

  3. My dad showed this to us back in the 70’s. he acted like he was sharing some XXX secret. Great memory. He acted like he invented it :)

  4. I wjust used the last stick of butter and, as usual, the memory of this trick popped into my head. I was shown this back in about 1955 when i was quite young and impressionalbe. I think it was my first exposure to soft porn. Anyway, I’ve passed on the ‘secret’ to my kids and grandkids over the years.

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