I Really Like this Sweater

Yes, indeed.  This is a really nice sweater.  I could look at it all day!

Lawn Mower Used to Trim Hedges

Give a guy a crane and there’s no limit to the innovative ways he’ll risk his life.  This guy used a crane and a riding lawn mower to trim his hedges.

Kid Knocked Out by Boobs

I get pretty excited when I see boobs like this too, so I really can’t blame the kid.

Best Leash in the World

What do you get when you use a bikini top to tie up your dog?  Lot’s of horny men, roaming the beach.  Excuse me, while I head there myself.

This is Chasey Lain on Drugs

Here’s a picture of Chasey Lain.  She’s a porn star, and by the looks of this picture she’s totally hot.

Chasey Lain

From the looks of this picture, I’d love to bang the shit out of her.  Now, see what this hot chick looks like on crack.  After watching these videos I’d have to say that I wouldn’t fuck her with Ann Coulter’s dick!  Talk about fucked up… this is one crazy bitch.  Someone call Dr. Drew!

Chasey Lain Part 1

I also have to wonder if she had that fucked up hillbilly accent before she became a crackhead or if that’s from the drugs.

Chasey Lain Part 2