How to Properly Fold a Shirt

I never new that I could be so interested in folding shirts until I saw this video.  This is definately the shirt folding technique I prefer.  With instructional videos like this, I could study shirt folding all day.

When World of Warcraft Addicts Go Outside

I like playing WoW, but I haven’t gone off the deep end yet.  These guys have. And another one.  This one has a boss fight… I think.

Hand Farts are Music to my Ears

TV ads for Volleys shoes in Australia feature a hand fart musician.  It’s friggin’ hilarious.  Technically this is called manualism.  But for me, manualism is a whole different thing. Can Can Mexican Hat Dance It sounds like me after eating mexican food.

Parkour and FreeRunning Video

You may have never heard of these, but you need to check out Parkour and FreeRunning.  The differences are subtle to the casual observer.  Parkour is about efficiency of movement and FreeRunning is more artistic.  But both are friggin’ intense. I’m not sure if this video is technically Parkour or FreeRunning, but these guys are […]